Arrested for DWI?  We can help.

If you have been accused and charged for allegedly Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in the State of Texas, it is extremely vital to employ an aggressive legal defense team you can trust. The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder takes an immense amount of pride in having a particular focus on intoxication-related criminal offenses, with an specific emphasis on DWI Defense.

When faced with the possibility of a conviction of a charge of Driving While Intoxicated, you need to be absolutely confident that you are doing everything possible you can to protect yourself against the harsh penalties that can potentially result. The laws against DWI in Texas can be incredibly harsh, and it is important to take the situation with the utmost importance situation. Your reputation, your future, and your freedom could all potentially be hinged on the outcome of your case, and so it is extremely vital to do everything in your power to build an effective defense.

When you are charged with a DWI, your life will be affected regardless of the ultimate outcome that result, whether the disposition is a "Not Guilty" verdict, a "Guilty" verdict, a dismissal, or a possible reduction of the charges. At The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, we strive for excellence through extensive training, knowledge, and experience. Our office will always work as hard as we possibly can to deliver the best possible defense to try and achieve a favorable result for you, or your loved one. While every situation is different, we will always strive to diligently work to ensure that your rights and your liberty are always protected. Carl has undergone extensive training related specifically to Driving While Intoxicated cases, in order to be able to effectively cross-examine even the most experienced police officers and to mount the best possible defense. He has tried countless DWI cases to juries in courtrooms literally all around the State of Texas, and will always be ready and willing to take your case to trial with an aggressive and meticulous approach.

Arrested for DWI? There Are Serious Consequences

When you get arrested in Texas on a charge of DWI, you could possible be facing:

  • A Permanent Criminal Conviction;
  • Possible Jail time;
  • Community Supervision (Probation);
  • Loss of your Driver's License;
  • Large amounts of Fines, Court Costs, DPS Surcharges, etc.
Innocent Until Proven Guilty

We hold a very strong belief that you have constitutional rights, which always be strictly upheld. It is a cornerstone of our criminal justice system that the District Attorney's Office (of where any arrest occurs) has to prove your "Guilt Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" - and that every person accused of a crime is "Presumed Innocent" until, and only if they meet this very high standard. Before a conviction can result, the State of Texas must meet this "Burden of Proof" - which is the highest among our entire justice system. In other words, you have an absolute constitutional right to challenge the evidence, and force the state to prove the charges as alleged against you. It is within your power to challenge the validity of the stop, search, and also any chemical test result obtained indicating a certain level of Blood-Alcohol Content ("BAC"). It is for this reason why it is extremely important to work with an experienced, determined, honest, and ethical DWI Defense Attorney who will attempt to do everything possible to evaluate every fact and detail of your case.

Dedicated Texas DWI Defense Attorney

Carl has the following credentials related to DWI Defense:

Reasons To Hire Our Law Firm

Please contact The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder if you are seeking to find the legal services of an honest, experienced, and skilled Texas DWI Defense Attorney with a prior track record and history of success. You can contact Carl and/or members of his legal team at 469.2000.DWI(394) and/or at 214.702.CARL(2275) literally anytime you are in need of assistance. Carl and his office have the ability to serve any area in the State of Texas, with a specific emphasis on the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and in Central Texas. The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder services all of Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, Tarrant County, Rockwall County, Travis County, Williamson County, and Hays County, including the cities of Dallas, Richardson, Plano, McKinney, Fort Worth, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Denton, Lewisville, Rockwall, Heath, Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos, and all adjoining areas.