Cost of DWI

Nobody plans on being arrested for a charge of Driving While Intoxicated. Usually those who find themselves accused and faced with the task of contesting a DWI charge in Texas are very common, and ordinary people who are not accustomed to what all the criminal justice system entails. They are far from some of the average people who seem to always find themselves entangled and entrenched in the criminal justice system and are all too familiar with the process.

Most do not plan being arrested, taken to jail, then faced with a possible permanent conviction for life, possible jail-time, fines, surcharges, being under the thumb of probation for often what amounts to a lenghty period of time. Moreover, most do not budget the thousands of dollars in legal fees for having to hire an attorney to help guide them through the system. At The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder we understand the high price some perceive DWI legal fees to be, and offer several payment plans that will help you afford the experienced representation you need. Carl himself grew up the son of a Texas High School Football coach. He has worked for everything he has achieved in his life - and has had to budge everything in life in order to excel. It is because of this that he values legal fees ask and required to properly defend someone. We value what it takes to earn a hard-earned buck, and will do our very best to only charge reasonable fees, and only those in proportion to how much time will be spent on any given case.

First Step

Your initial phone consultation with someone at our office is free. For a variety of material on the process of what a charge of DWI can entail, you can send Carl a message directly at and he will respond with a variety of information that will prove to be useful. There is no risk on your part and what you can, and will learn, regarding what rights and options are available to you. If you decide to call, e-mail message, or personally meet with Carl or another staff member - after you are finished speaking to us regarding our knowledge of what you will be facing, if you are not convinced that we will be able to protect your freedom, liberty, and your record, to your complete satisfaction, then you can simply decide not to hire our office. We would never take offense to this, and are confident enough in the results and work we put in — often those who do not hire us for a charge, end up not being particularly happy with the attorney they chose to hire, and it is often the case that if they happen to find themselves in need of an attorney again, or someone they know needs help with a legal situation, we usually get many referrals of this nature. If you decide not to hire us, we will not trouble you again and you will owe our office nothing. Integrity, honestly, and character are the cornerstones of any legal practice — and we pride ourselves in doing our best to provide all who contact us with the satisfaction that they deserve.

Next Step

If you do decide after contacting someone from The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, that you are in need of an experienced, trained, and skilled Texas DWI Defense attorney to contest your DWI arrest, we'll discuss with you, after hearing the facts of your case and other relevant information, what possible legal fees will be associated with helping you mount a successful defense, and will also design a payment plan, if needed, that works best for you. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. You can access our credit card processor company (via and our specific page to make a payment HERE; or at the same link specific to our firm at the following link:

Some people do try to defend themselves without an attorney, while others hire the cheapest lawyer they can find. Nothing can be a bigger mistake. DWI Defense is a very specific niche of the law. Hiring an experienced Texas DWI Defense Attorney is essential since the burden of a DWI conviction can be so harsh, the penalties incredibly severe, and consequences associated with your arrest can be quite cumbersome, both in time, probation fees, DPS surcharge fees, etc.

The High Cost of a DWI Conviction

If you are still not sure that you need an experienced, skilled, and trained Texas DWI Defense Attorney representing you in court, consider the following. Or do you simply believe that pleading guilty and taking the State's first offer is going to save you from paying an incredible amount of money to the State of Texas and the County where your arrest took place? Think again!

You will find that the cost of pleading guilty to a DWI amounts to at least $6,000.00 in DWI surcharge fees, not including your attorney fees, or how much your car insurance rates may go up. And your insurance company could very well cancel your policy altogether, forcing you to get high-risk, very expensive insurance elsewhere. (*As a sidenote, this is why it is imperative to go through a knowledgeable SR-22 company if you are need of this type of insurance policy.)

On top of these expensive fees burden onto you by the State, you could go also very easily spend time in jail. The range of punishment, even for a DWI-1st, has a range of punishment of a minimum of 3 days with a maximum amount of 180 days (this assumes your BAC is below a .15 and it is a Class B Misdemeanor, and not a Class A Misdemeanor). You are, however, eligible for probation for a 1st-time DWI conviction, but some counties only offer very large amounts in terms of jail time if one opts this route. 

As well, all subsequent DWI convictions allow for a minimum amount of jail time, which differs based on the degree of the offense, the facts of the case, etc.

Aside from this, you will always have a criminal record for the rest of your life if you are convicted of a charge of Driving While Intoxicated. This alone could have a significant negative impact on your future and serves as a permanent mark on your record.

On the other hand, if we are successful in keeping a DWI conviction off your record, you can avoid these expensive DWI fees the State of Texas imposes, plus the inevitable increase in your insurance rates, etc

Can you afford not to fight?


  • Criminal Conviction/Record forever;
  • Loss of Driver's License (if it is a DWI subsequent conviction, this could be a very lengthy portion of time);
  • Driver License Reinstatement Fee $125.00;
  • MADD Victim Impact Panel;
  • High amounts of fines (the more severe the offense, the higher the range in fine amounts);
  • Monthly Probation Reporting Fees;
  • Ignition Interlock Device Installation and Monthly Calibration Charge;
  • Being Arrested, spending the night in jail, spending the money to get bonded out;
  • Most likely spending the money and cost associated with retrieving your car from the impound after it has been towed following your arrest;
  • Bail Bond Fees, Vehicle Towing, and Impound (see above);
  • Intrinsic cost of Embarrassment???;
  • Loss of Self-Esteem???;
  • Loss of Social Standing???;
  • Possible loss of current employment???;
  • Possible loss of future employment opportunities???;
  • Possible decrease in possible job promotions???;
  • Mandatory Alcohol Education Classes and the costs associated for attending;
  • Multiple Court Appearances (most likely missing time in having to take off of work);  
  • Home Visits by Probation Officer???;
  • Time Away From Work For Court ???;
  • Future/Current Employment Issues???;
  • Increased Auto Insurance Rates???;
  • Stress and Anxiety of Pending Case???;
  • Attorney Fees???;
  • DPS Minimum DWI Surcharge $3,000.00.


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