Driving While License Invalid

It is common for a driver to find that their license has been suspended when being pulled over for a minor traffic offense such as a broken tail light or speeding in any county in the State of Texas. Finding that your license is suspended can cause an avalanche of problems such as an impounded vehicle, court fines and other repercussions causing financial distress. Driving privileges are often suspended which is an additional burden to someone else to transport you to and from work, errands and appointments. Many drivers experiencing this will find it in their best interest to hire an attorney. Attorneys can assist in resolving the issues regarding the invalid license status, especially in helping to obtain an "Occupational Driving License."

Why Was My License Suspended?

Many drivers ask themselves that question when they learn of the suspension. If you should move, it is important to update your address on your license with the DMV. It is also important to fill out a change of address form with the postal service so that your mail is properly forwarded; this helps any notices sent to you regarding a suspension of your Texas driver’s license to reach you.

The primary causes for license suspension in Texas are:

  • Not paying reinstatement fees;
  • Failure to pay DPS surcharges following a conviction for not having insurance;
  • Neglecting to pay DPS surcharges following a DWI conviction;
  • Mandatory suspensions following a conviction for a DWI or narcotics/drug possession;
  • Mandatory suspension for refusing a breath or test for suspicion of DWI;
  • Failure to pay the DPS surcharges known as the Habitual Violator Surcharge.

All of these items are cause for a license suspension. In some cases, these are automatic as soon as the violation occurs. It is often forgotten after receiving a DWI that an automatic license suspension is put in place even before going to court. This is a mandatory suspension.

An occupational license may be obtained for driving privileges to and from work only. This is solely up to the court to decide. Your attorney can help defend you and state the reasons that you should be permitted to have this occupational license until your actual driver’s license is fully reinstated.

Minimizing the Consequences of Driving With an Invalid License

In the State of Texas, the penalties for driving with an invalid or suspended license can be quite steep. A judge can impose an annual surcharge that will have to be paid once per year for three years. Other fees, fines and surcharges can also be imposed as the judge sees fit pertaining to your specific case. Hiring an attorney to assist you in this legal matter can help to lessen the consequences some. They are there to talk to a judge and plea your case with proper terminology. If you suffer from financial hardship, your attorney can add that into his or her case to attempt to lessen the fees and surcharges imposed or work out a more lenient payment plan.

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