The best, and most assured way of making certain you are never put in a position to have to utilize any information on this website — IS TO NOT DRINK ANY ALOCHOL AND OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE!!!

However, If you are arrested on suspicion for Driving While Intoxicated in Texas, you should definitely hire an experienced Texas DWI Defense Attorney to help protect your rights. Of course we will do our best to defend you if placed in this situation — however, that being said, we strongly discourage anyone from Driving While Intoxicated... PERIOD. Throughout this website, Texas DWI Defense Attorney Carl David Ceder has taken the time to present you with as much information as possible to avoid being placed in the position of being the citizen accused in contesting a charge of Driving While Intoxicated.  

This website is meant to educate and inform you of the consequences that can potentially arise if you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Texas. It is our intention that by being as educated as possible, you can hopefully make the decision to avoid being placed in this precarious situation. You want to avoid being forced to seeking the help of a Texas DWI Defense Attorney as much as possible, as it is always best to be safe and healthy. Merely being accused, charged, and put into jail can cause lasting damage for one who has never been through this process before. If you have put yourself in this situation, however, you should always contact a skilled, trained, and experienced Texas DWI Defense Attorney, since it is advisable to have some represent you who will do everything in their power to defend your rights and handle your case with the best possible outcome, given whatever factors are involved.

All this being said, you may wonder why you should avoid being charged with a DWI given all the information on this website and provided by Texas DWI Defense Attorney, Carl David Ceder? The fact remains, our office and team know how to effectively represent the citizen accused of Driving While Intoxicated. However, Driving While Intoxicated (if you are in fact, "intoxicated" by the definition of the term in Texas), doing so is, in fact, illegal.

Therefore, you should be smart about your safety and the safety of anyone with or around you. If you drink alcohol before operating a vehicle, you are automatically putting yourself and others in danger. To read more about just how close one can get to being arrested for a charge of DWI, without having anything to drink AT ALL, please read an interesting story that Carl himself incurred one night at the following link located HERE.

If in fact, you are intoxicated, it is true that your reaction time will be greatly impaired. This is very risky and can cause you to make poor decisions because you may not react quickly enough. Drinking alcohol could also make you more susceptible to injury so if you were to get in an automobile accident, thus, it may very well harm you worse than if you did not consume any alcohol whatsoever.

Hopefully you will avoid putting yourself in this situation at all, and all the information on this website will not ever be applicable to you. However, in the event that you find yourself as the citizen accused of Driving While Intoxicated, you should contact an experienced, highly trained, and aggressive Texas DWI Defense Attorney immediately. The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder are ready and willing to help you with your case and protect your rights.

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