Denton County DWI

If you want to be sure your driving privileges are not permanently suspended you are going to have to request a driver’s license suspension hearing after your DWI arrest. This is done by requesting an ("ALR Hearing") Administrative License Revocation Hearing. Any DWI case in Texas has two separate portions of the case, one is the civil portion, the other is the criminal aspect.

Denton County DWI Case

Hiring an experienced Denton County DWI Defense attorney can mean all the difference in your criminal DWI case. The county may have a prolonged period of time before issuing you a court date, however, it usually will occur at some point  within a 2-month timeframe. Then you will be required to appear in court sometime within a couple of months later. 

Therefore, having a DWI attorney to get immediately on the research, investigations and recording of the details, like weather conditions and traffic conditions is extremely important to your case.

Up to this point you will have no idea of the exact charges being brought up against you. You will first learn of this on your arraignment date in the Denton County Court. Even if you have hired an attorney at this point, which you should have by now, it is still mandatory for you to appear in court in person on the first court date.

Only after you show to hear your formal charges can you ask for a "Waiver of Appearance.” Once this is active, your Denton County DWI attorney can stand in on your behalf in most of the upcoming court dates, but not 100 percent of them. Your lawyer will fill you in on this.

Although your DWI attorney will be representing you on your behalf in court, you are the only one who can make the decision on any plea deals offered to you by the prosecution. Your lawyer can only relay courtrooms information, collect state’s evidence, such as video, statements and police records, they cannot act for you.

There is no law stating you must take any plea and you have the right to refuse, especially if you know you are not guilty. This means letting your DWI attorney know you want a trial and dealing with many more court dates in order to clear your name.

They may try offering you a lesser charge in order to avoid a trial and your successful DWI attorney will be able to advise you on this before agreeing to it. Be sure you chose an experienced Denton County DWI attorney that knows what to expect in court and from the District Attorney.

Denton County Courts

The Denton County Courthouse is located at:

  • 1450 East McKinney Street, Denton, Texas, 76209-4524

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