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It is common that most first-time DWI offenders have no prior criminal history, and likely have had limited, to absolutely no experience in the criminal courts system (other than perhaps a few speeding tickets. Being arrested for a charge of DWI can be a very scary process. Most worry about to deal with possibly having a license suspension, while maintaining gainful employment, and how a possible conviction may affect their families and careers. Not to mention how frequent they may have to take off of work to attend various court settings, hearings, etc.

If this is your first DWI arrest, the first step is to contact an aggressive, skilled, and experienced Texas DWI Defense Attorney immediately. Aside from collecting valuable evidence from the very beginning, there are deadlines that need to be met in order to avoid extra penalties. Simply put, the sooner you are able to start mounting an effective defense, the better it usually will be.

At The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, we take time and care into guiding all our clients throughout the court system, given our knowledge and experience of having worked in multiple courts around the entire State of Texas. We take the necessary steps to ensure that each case is thoroughly examined, prepared, and attempted to be resolved with the best possible outcomes given whatever factors are involved. Our law firm also can provide investigators and experts in various fields of DWI laws, which can help in examining the particular facts of your case to help you achieve the best possible outcome. DWI Defense is a very particular niche of the law, and it important to utilize representation that can help guide you to the best result possible given your specific facts.

Penalties for First-Time DWI Offenses

It is very important to understand all the possible consequences that can result from a DWI conviction. We strongly discourage representing yourself, especially if you are not familiar with the criminal courts system because the punishments can be severe and life-changing. In fact, our office encourages those to interview and discuss your case, within a reasonable time frame, other attorneys so you can ultimately make a well-informed decision when deciding who will ultimately engage in representation for any given individual.

***You must file a notice of appeal within 15 days after an arrest (done via requesting what is referred to as an "ALR Hearing"), or you will automatically lose your license to drive. The length of suspension will vary depending on the circumstances of the arrest (whether it was a chemical specimen refusal or if it was obtained via consent, whether there are any prior DWI convictions, or ALR suspensions, etc.)

Not notifying Texas DPS within the requisite time period, or not doing so at all, will result in an automatic license suspension (regardless of the circumstances). This also forfeits your right to subpoena and cross-examine the arresting officer(s) at the "ALR Hearing" if it takes place. Hiring an experienced Texas DWI Attorney within the deadline will also ensure that discovery on the case will be obtained quicker than if done through the District Attorney's Office. Thus, it can often ensure that crucial evidence can be collected and used at upcoming hearings to help determine the best and most wise course of action to take with any given DWI case.

Possible Punishment Ranges for a DWI First conviction

Potential range of punishment: Confinement for a minimum of 72 hours, up to a maximum term of 180 days in a jail, and/or a fine not to exceed $2,000.00.

StatuteTexas Penal Code: Section 49.04 

Potential range of punishment: Confinement for a minimum of 72 hours, up to a maximum term of 365 days in a jail, and/or a fine not to exceed $4,000.00.

StatuteTexas House Bill 1199

Other Possible Consequences of a DWI Conviction

► Incurring paying the State of Texas via various DPS surcharges:

→ ($1000 each year for 3 years, totaling $3,000 for a Class B Misdemeanor; $1,500 each year for 3 years, totaling $4,500 for a Class A Misdemeanor);

► Car insurance rates could increase possibly up to 3 times for annual premiums;

► A high liklihood of having to purchase and carry an SR-22 insurance policy;

► Possibly having to obtain a ("DLD" - or "Ignition interlock device") installed on your vehicle;

► Please read more at the link located HERE for other possible fees, charges, and costs related to being convicted of a DWI charge.

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